Dear Staff and Students

With the upcoming process of selecting, admitting (making offers) and registering students, the University would like to clarify certain points so that those who have applied to UKZN for consideration of admission in 2024, their family and friends, and other stakeholders are duly advised of what the roles and responsibilities are, of different University structures and stakeholders.

In keeping with the Higher Education Act (101 of 1997) and the UKZN Private Statute (GG No 35124, 7 March 2012), the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the University and is assisted in this by the members of the Executive Management Committee.  Further, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal may delegate any of the powers assigned or delegated to him by the Council to any officer (staff member) of the University, except where the Council decides otherwise.

Enabling this, UKZN operates within a defined academic structure and a Council-approved Academic Decision Delegations (the ‘ADF’), which records which university structures or officials are responsible for academic administrative functions and academic decisions.

While UKZN has a Memorandum of Agreement (a contract) with the KZN Central Applications Office (CAO) to deal with all South African undergraduate application matters, matters of selection, admission (making offers), and registration are solely the responsibility of the staff of the University, as delegated. (International student application matters are dealt with by the UKZN International Office).

This means that staff, and other University Committee structures of the University, have the sole mandate to consider all applications and then select, admit (make offers) and register first time entering and returning students, and not any other formal or informal structure, whether on or off campus.

Once registered, students are represented in matters that affect them by the Students Representative Council (including the 5 Campus Representative Councils), and the functions of the Students Representative Council (SRC) are recorded in the UKZN Statute. They are wide-ranging and seek to enable a positive and enabling student experience for registered students. No specific recruitment, application, selection, admission, or registration functions have been delegated to the SRC, which is elected by registered students to cater to their needs.

In 2024, the University will once again, in keeping with the KZN Central Applications Office (CAO) in terms of applications, and NSFAS in terms of application for funding, offer a remote online system, where applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application, and provided with details on registration, should their application be successful (should they be made an offer). These processes, including the so-called ‘change of mind’ process, are only available online and from off-campus. In keeping with previous years, no on-campus in-person service will be offered, and no unregistered person will be allowed onto campuses in the new year.

UKZN has received 365 034 individual applications from 160 059 APPLICANTS for +- 9,000 first-year places. This means that there are currently about 18 applicants who applied in time, for each one of the +- 9,000 first entry undergraduate places.

The University will not be accepting any ‘walk-ins’.

Late applications may be submitted via  KZN CAO (, where it’s not too late to still apply, and the KZN CAO will run a ‘virtual (online) walk-in-system’ as from 22 January 2024 until 29 February 2024 to cater for applicants that might meet minimum requirements for admission to certain programmes.  All details are available on the KZN CAO website (

 The other service, offered free, is that of the Central Applications Clearing House (CACH), which provides a placement opportunity to learners who have not received a place to study, to be placed within the higher education sector (where places might be available). .  The CACH will open at 08h00 on 26 January 2024 and close again on 31 March 2024.


 1. Everything related to applying, making an offer,  perhaps changing your mind, and registration is solely managed by UKZN staff, and everything you need to know will be published on the official UKZN website ( and UKZN official Social Media Platforms.

2. Making and accepting an offer, change of mind, and registration at UKZN are only offered through remote on-line means. All first-entry undergraduates who accept an offer will be provided with data, and all relevant information, to assist them in registering from their remote locations.

3. Places at UKZN are not for sale, and if you are ‘offered a place on payment of a fee’, please note that you will lose all your money and have no recourse in terms of the University. You will need to report the matter to SAPS and seek assistance there.

4. Please ensure that all social media posts are legitimate or authentic and issued through an official UKZN channel. Please take care with what is published and forwarded from WhatsApp or Facebook especially.  There are many opportunists who take advantage of any opportunity to spread false and misleading information. Everyone is urged to exercise caution and be vigilant at all times.

5. The University management will NOT issue any invitation or invite prospective applicants or actual applicants to visit any of our campuses to apply or submit an application; to undertake a change of mind; to register or to get a response to a query. If you come across one of these messages, kindly exercise extreme caution, and do not take up the call to attend on campus.

Final firm offers of placement at the University, will be made, as soon as the 2023 National Senior Certificate (‘Matric’) results are released to the public, and this is scheduled for 19 January 2024.

6. A virtual Parents Day will be hosted on Saturday 3 February 2024, and the week 5 – 10 February 2024 has been earmarked as a dedicated remote online registration and orientation week, for our first entry undergraduates who have been offered and accepted a study place at UKZN.

7. DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS until you receive an official letter from UKZN confirming that you are completely registered both for academic and residence (if applicable).  The University will only permit registered students to access its campuses; unregistered individuals will not be allowed entry to UKZN premises.

8. The University does not offer Matric Upgrade classes/opportunities and has no legitimate working relationship with any so-called ‘Matric Upgrade School’.  Once again, please exercise extreme caution when dealing with any such entity.

9. In keeping with the POPI Act (4 of 2013), no information on the status of an applicant/application will be provided to a third party, without the explicit written consent of the applicant.

Issued by

Dr K Cleland